Traditional Nepalese recipes from the local villages of Nepal & the Himalayas


Rato Mohan - $7.00

A delicate flavoured milk sponge marinated in sugar syrup and rose water topped with pistachio nut and shredded coconut


Himalayan Ice Cream - $7.95

This ice cream is traditionally made with milk, cream and mango which is infused with pistachio to give this dessert a unique Nepalese flavour


Himalayan Dalchini Ice Cream -$7.50

A rich cinnamon flavoured ice cream decorated with  a sprig of fresh mint , served on a swirl of  red gum honey and

complimented with an almond biscuit

Pistachio & Mint Ice Cream - $7.50

A pistachio and mint infused ice cream served on a swirl of chocolate sauce, decoarated with a chocolate wafer log

Himalayan Rock Salt and Caramel Ice Cream - $7.50

A silky caramel ice cream with salted caramel chips served on a drizzle of chocolate sauce and garnished with fresh mint



Ice Cream Desserts


Ainselu - $7.95

 A strawberry fruit ice cream ball centred with classic vanilla ice cream and rolled in strawberry sprinkles

Aap - $7.95

A mango infused dessert enhanced with a crisp coating and centered with a cointreau filled chocolate ball

Kagji Badam Delight -$7.95

A chocolate and Almond dessert Ice Cream encased with a layer of dark

 chocolate and crowned with a red glazed cherry.


   Chocolate Soy Icecream  - $6.50    

(gluten, lactose  and dairy free)

So delicious,  this soy ice cream is served garnished with fresh mint


Plain Ice Cream - $6.00

Traditional Vanilla Ice cream (can be served with or without chocolate or strawberry sauce and decorated with a chocolate wafer log



* Please advise our staff if you have any allergies.







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"All of our dishes are cooked using authentic Nepalese spices and the full flavour and aroma of Himalayan Rock Salt.  Rock salt adds natural flavour and goodness to any Himalayan dish and is sourced from the highest regions of the Himalayan mountain range"