Momo $8.95

Minced chicken or vegetable wrapped in pastry, steam cooked and served with tomato and sesame seed achar


Chicken Choila $10.95

Chicken marinated with traditional Nepali spices and garnished with a combination of timbur, turmeric, ginger and garlic laced together with mustard oil and a hint of coriander

Mushroom Choila $9.95

Fresh roasted mushrooms  delicately cooked  with fresh herbs ,the zest of fresh lemon, spring onion, tomato ,capsicum and altogether  infused with traditional Nepalese spices.


Phulaura $7.95

Traditional crispy golden patties combined with seasoned vegetables, warmed with bahra masala spices and served with a mint and yoghurt sauce


Samosa $7.95

Crispy pastries with a savory vegetable filling comprising of spiced potato, onion, peas and spring onions, all combined with fresh garlic, ginger and a hint of coriander.  This traditional dish is served with a mint and yoghurt sauce


Tare Ko Machha $11.95

Barramundi seasoned with a subtle hint of ground aromatic spices, coated with seasoned batter and deep fried. This dish is served with a side salad and a tomato and timbur dipping sauce


Himalayan Platter for two $24.95

A combination of Sekuwa, Samosa, Phulaura and Momo.

Our traditional Nepalese dishes are served with a spiced tomato and sesame seed achar & a mint and yoghurt dip



entree's starting from $7.95