Side Dishes, Rice & Bread

Chheuko Bhansa - Side Dishes



Jhaneko Daal - $7.25

Nepali style cooked lentil with subtle hints of fried cumin seeds, fresh garlic and a combination of Himalayan herbs ( jimbu)


Bhuteko Vanta - $8.95

Eggplant seasoned with fresh ground fenugreek, ginger, garlic, fennel seeds and cumin all combined with red capsicum, tomato, potatoes then pan fried to release the rich aroma and taste

Farsi - $7.95

Butternut pumpkin cooked with toasted mustard seeds, enhanced with ginger and garlic which creates a perfect accompaniment to any dish


Rayako Saag - $7.95

Fresh mustard green spinach seasoned with cumin and garlic, pan fried delicately to release the aromatic spices through the leaves


Suling Ko Aloo - $7.95

Pan fried potato seasoned with cumin, ginger, garlic and turmeric to enhance the flavour and create a typical Himalayan side dish

Himalayan Side Salad with a homemade Nepali dressing -$6.95


Dahima Raita - $4.95

Natural yoghurt with mint, cucumber and a hint of roasted cumin



BhuJa Ra Roti Ko Parikar - Rice and Bread Selection


Bhut Ko Bhat -$4.95

Nepalese style rice cooked and fried with red onion, finely sliced green beans and carrots, garnished with toasted cashew nuts


Bhat - $2.50

Traditional steamed basmati rice


Himalayan Guliyo Roti - $5.50

Stuffed with coconut, sultanas and cream paste


Himalayan Cheese Roti - $5.50

Stuffed with red onion, coriander and full flavour cheese


Himalayan Chilli & Coriander Roti - $4.95

Flat bread flavoured with fresh red chillies, coriander leaves  and garnished with nigella seeds.  The perfect

accompaniment for any Nepali  dish.


Lasun Roti - $3.50

Flat garlic bread


Roti Plain Flat Bread - $3.00



side dishes atarting from $4.95

rice starting from $2.50

bread starting from $3.00