Side Dishes, Rice & Bread

Chheuko Bhansa - Side Dishes



Jhaneko Daal - $7.25

Nepali style cooked lentil with subtle hints of fried cumin seeds, fresh garlic and a combination of Himalayan herbs ( jimbu)


Bhuteko Vanta - $8.95

Eggplant seasoned with fresh ground fenugreek, ginger, garlic, fennel seeds and cumin all combined with red capsicum, tomato, potatoes then pan fried to release the rich aroma and taste

Farsi - $7.95

Butternut pumpkin cooked with toasted mustard seeds, enhanced with ginger and garlic which creates a perfect accompaniment to any dish


Rayako Saag - $7.95

Fresh mustard green spinach seasoned with cumin and garlic, pan fried delicately to release the aromatic spices through the leaves


Suling Ko Aloo - $7.95

Pan fried potato seasoned with cumin, ginger, garlic and turmeric to enhance the flavour and create a typical Himalayan side dish

Himalayan Side Salad with a homemade Nepali dressing -$6.95


Dahima Raita - $4.95

Natural yoghurt with mint, cucumber and a hint of roasted cumin



BhuJa Ra Roti Ko Parikar - Rice and Bread Selection


Bhut Ko Bhat -$4.95

Nepalese style rice cooked and fried with red onion, finely sliced green beans and carrots, garnished with toasted cashew nuts


Bhat - $2.50

Traditional steamed basmati rice


Himalayan Guliyo Roti - $5.50

Stuffed with coconut, sultanas and cream paste


Himalayan Cheese Roti - $5.50

Stuffed with red onion, coriander and full flavour cheese


Himalayan Chilli & Coriander Roti - $4.95

Flat bread flavoured with fresh red chillies, coriander leaves  and garnished with nigella seeds.  The perfect

accompaniment for any Nepali  dish.


Lasun Roti - $3.50

Flat garlic bread


Roti Plain Flat Bread - $3.00



side dishes atarting from $4.95

rice starting from $2.50

bread starting from $3.00




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"All of our dishes are cooked using authentic Nepalese spices and the full flavour and aroma of Himalayan Rock Salt.  Rock salt adds natural flavour and goodness to any Himalayan dish and is sourced from the highest regions of the Himalayan mountain range"