Take Away Menu




Momo - $7.50

Minced chicken or vegetable wrapped in pastry, steam cooked and served with tomato and sesame seed achar


Choila - $7.95

Chicken marinated with traditional Nepali spices and garnished with a combination of timbur, turmeric, ginger and garlic laced together with mustard oil and a hint of coriander

Mushroom Choila- $7.95

Fresh roasted mushrooms  delicately cooked  with fresh herbs ,the zest of fresh lemon, spring onion,

tomato ,capsicum and  altogether  infused with traditional Nepalese spices.


Phulaura - $6.00

Traditional crispy golden patties combined with seasoned vegetables, warmed with bahra masala spices and served with a mint and yoghurt sauce


Samosa - $6.00

Crispy pastries with a savory vegetable filling comprising of spiced potato, onion, peas and spring onions, all combined with fresh garlic, ginger and a hint of coriander.  This traditional dish is served with a mint and yoghurt sauce








Khkhura Ra Khasi Ko Parikar - Chicken, Lamb or Goat Selection


Kukhura Ko Maasu -Traditional Nepali Chicken Curry - $15.50

This dish is prepared by the local Nepalese villagers and brings an abundance of aromatic ground spices.  An infusion of tomato, garlic, ginger, bay leaves, cinnamon and cardamom create an authentic dish rich in Himalayan flavour and spice.


Khasi Ko Maasu - $15.95

Slow cooked tender pieces of lamb or goat, with subtle hints of freshly ground garlic, ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and turmeric to enhance the full flavour of this traditional Nepali dish


Himalayan Smoked Butter Chicken - $15.95

Boneless chicken slowly cooked with a smokey aroma and blended with aromatic Himalayan spices, tomato, cashew nuts, butter and cream to create an authentic Himalayan clay oven dish


Daal Bhaat Massu - $19.95

Typical Nepalese platter with a choice of chicken, lamb or goat

This platter is served with mustard green spinach, traditional black lentils, tomato achar pickle and rice



Samundri Parikar - Seafood


Jhingey Ko Tarkari - $17.95

King prawns cooked in a perfect blend of fresh aromatic spices and coconut milk with traditional curry leaves used to bring out the warm aroma and delicacy of the dish


Maccha Ko Takari - $17.95

Barramundi slowly cooked in traditional Nepali spices with subtle hints of ginger, garlic, curry leaves and coriander, all blended to create a home-style Himalayan fish curry



Sabji Ko Parikar - Vegetarian



Daal Bhaat Tarkari - $17.95

A traditional Nepalese vegetarian platter combining rice, lentil and mixed vegetable curry, stir fried spinach and tomato achar


Paneer Tarkar - $13.95

A traditional Himalayan home style dish  consisting of homemade cubed cheese, cooked with capsicum, onion, fresh tomato, ginger, garlic and coriander seeds finished with a hint of cream and butter


Misaye Ko Tarkari - $13.95

Authentic Himalayan  curry dish of mixed vegetables seasoned with freshly chopped coriander, ginger, garlic, fresh tomato, spring onions and a hint of bhara masala creating a distinct flavour  and spicy aroma


Alu Bodi Tama Tarkari - $13.95

Typical Nepalese dish from the Highlands of the Himalayas.

Fresh tomato, potato, black eye beans, bamboo shoots, freshly ground cumin, green chilli, ginger and garlic makes this dish authentic in style and taste



Side Dishes, Rice & Bread Selections



Chheuko Bhansa - Side Dishes


Jhaneko Daal - $5.50

Nepali style cooked lentil with subtle hints of fried cumin seeds, fresh garlic and a combination of Himalayan herbs ( jimbu)


Bhuteko Vanta - $6.50

Eggplant seasoned with fresh ground fenugreek, ginger, garlic, fennel seeds and cumin all combined with red capsicum, tomato, potatoes then pan fried to release the rich aroma and taste


Farsi - $6.50

Butternut pumpkin cooked with toasted mustard seeds, enhanced with ginger and garlic which creates a perfect accompaniment to any dish


Rayako Saag - $6.50

Fresh mustard green spinach seasoned with cumin and garlic, pan fried delicately to release the aromatic spices through the leaves


Dahima Raita - $4.50

Natural yoghurt with mint, cucumber and a hint of roasted cumin





BhuJa Ra Rottiko Parikar - Rice and Bread Selection


Bhutko Bhat - $4.95

Nepalese style rice cooked and fried with red onion, finely sliced green beans and carrots, garnished with toasted cashew nuts


Bhat - $2.50

Traditional steamed basmati rice


Himalayan Cheese Roti - $4.95

Stuffed with red onion, coriander and full flavour cheese


Himalayan Guliyo Roti - $4.95

Stuffed with coconut, sultanas and cream paste

Himalayan Chilli & Coriander  Roti - $3.95

Flat bread flavoured with fresh red chillies, coriander leaves  and garnished with nigella seeds.  The perfect

accompaniment for any Nepali  dish.


Lasun Roti - $3.00

Flat garlic bread


Roti Plain Flat Bread - $2.50

Mithai- Dessert

Rato Mohan - $5.95

A delicate flavoured milk sponge marinated in sugar syrup and rose water  and sprinkles of 

chopped pistachio  nuts (3 pieces)



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